Get Started

What Happen When God Interrupts Unexpectedly?

Last night, Dan and I decided we should relax together, call it a night when dad and David went to bed by watching a movie. Dan flipped through the TV controller for movies. Then he stumbled upon this preacher, Craig Groeschel, the Senior Pastor of Life Church. Never heard of him before. Never thought I would be listening to what he has to say.

Without realizing it, God showed up unexpectedly. Through Craig, we heard this message last night. The message was entitled: Get Started The message seemed simple. He shared through the life of Mosses to show us God’s plan in his life.

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1. Start where you are

2. Use what you have

3. Do what you can

But, it was powerful. Get started! Stop waiting. You cannot finish what you never get started. Isn’t it so true? If you think God can never use you, You are wrong. God is able to use anything ordinary to establish anything extra-ordinary. Even you!

If you forget everything, simply remember this: Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Let God use you and carry out the rest according to His Wisdom to fulfill what He intents. Let us begin this year knowing God will use you if you believe it.