Evangelism is About Souls, not Winning Arguments

Dan and Eileen
Dan and Eileen

I’m finding evangelism is not about winning an argument.  Imagine a sinner saying, “You know what? I think I’m wrong and you’re right.”  It won’t happen.

Evangelism is about love, power, healing and giving people a reason to seek God.  Too often we squander all of this on compromise, bitterness, unforgiveness, and sin when we should be praying to bury and leave those things behind in the water of our baptism in repentance and prayer.

How do we Evangelise? By Example

Jesus said to go, heal the sick, raise the dead, make disciples, baptize them in water and in the Holy Spirit. But if we cling to our sin, we’ll end up making excuses for the miracles that don’t happen rather than seeing the miracles Jesus called us to do. And I am ashamed to say that has by and large been the story of my life.

You cannot minister in power if you’re stuck in compromise. You cannot free the captives if you are a slave to sin yourself. It does not mean you need to get baptized twice if your baptism was a legitimate one after you repented from sin and surrendered your life to Christ. But when I have slipped back into a pattern of bitterness or lust or greed or pride, it is time to pray and decide what sins I want to leave in that baptismal of Valentines Day 1974. It is time to ask myself what I want to bury–fear? Faithlessness? Cowardice? Disobedience to Jesus’ call to make disciples?

How do we Evangelise? – With Prayer

If we neglect prayer and our loved ones live for hell year after year, maybe we need to do what Jesus’ asked. Do we pray for their injuries and sicknesses?  Let’s do away with weak, token prayers? Deprive ourselves of  denominational excuses for our lack of answers to prayer?  Let’s bury that sin and repent. If  we are losing our sensitivity to sin, we are very sick spiritually and need to repent and turn back to Christ.

What do we want to bury in those waters of baptism? Will we be filled with the Holy Spirit? The same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus wants to dwell in us. If the baptism of the Holy Spirit will enable us to minister better, and if we are commanded in scripture to be filled, then it really is disobedience for us to refuse, and we put others and ourselves into grave spiritual danger.

We need to minister in power. We need to step out of our comfort zone. Or perhaps we need to get a little experience obeying Christ so that becomes our comfort zone. We need to trust Christ and do what He has called us to do in love and in power.

How do we Evangelise? – By Doing

Knowing this, we are responsible. We cannot afford to nod like a bobble-head.  We need to live what’s true.

If we need to fast or seek God, let’s do it. If we get interrupted, we need to let those at home know, and remind them and spend that time in prayer until we break through. We need to refuse to offer God any token prayers or any sacrifices that cost us nothing.

I believe token religion is what has gotten us into so much trouble these days. I also believe time is running out. If Christ were to return tomorrow and you knew it, what would you do differently today? Perhaps that is what we should be doing.

We need to minister in power–not argue–not try to win arguments. Not compensating for our lack of power due to our own cowardice and compromise. We need to surrender all to Jesus.

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