Your Legacy

Your Legacy

Family is our greatest legacy
Family is our greatest legacy

Never mind what everyone else wants or demands from you. What do YOU want to do before your time is up?

What legacy do YOU want to leave behind for the world and future generations? And why? Why is THAT important to you?

What is so precious to you that you would give up everything else for it? What is it you fear to lose most? And why?

If you suddenly learned you had 24 hours to live what would you do with it?

What if it were 3 months?

Or fifteen minutes?

What or Who Matters Most?

If we were in Sunday school or at any gathering of people, what would we answer? Would we try to figure out the “right” answer and say that? Or would we risk being inappropriate or out of place to press in and tell the truth?

Obviously, this website is called GodsBlogs for a reason. And the typical thought is that the first of Ten Commandments is “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me.” In a way, that sort of settles the question about what the “right” answer is, and with that people might get silent, or an iconoclast might try to rock the boat and challenge the conventional answer asking, “Really?”

It’s strange that the question is so open ended and yet in such settings, people can become silenced from answering what’s truly in their hearts merely by the presence of an authoritative “right answer” that people feel prohibited from questioning.

Is God the ultimate object of honor, praise, worship, trust, faith, and obedience from the heart? Should we presume that our moral obligation is to honor God? Or can God be redefined in a way that makes him no longer honorable or praiseworthy? Is He made into an arrogant, abusive, demanding perfectionist and tyrant?

Who is God?

My personal view on this is that if God is not honorable, wise, loving, faithful, holy, decent, fair, of utmost integrity and benevolence, then regardless of how powerful He is or how terrible hell is or how wonderful heaven might be, He could not be worthy of worship.

Our moral obligation can never be to live the life of a liar or a coward seeking to appease a monster for selfish reasons, such as to get out of hell and get into heaven. Our lives should not be about buying something from God He cannot get for Himself. Our legacy should be faithfulness to the principles of the most honorable God possible and nothing less.

If I have given yet another “right answer”, I hope it will not interfere with your right to probe for yourself and seek for yourself that answer to what legacy you want to leave.

I’d like to have a life that leads people to heaven rather than hell because I believe heaven is tied directly to such an honorable God–not to an arrogant tyrant who makes arbitrary rules nobody can obey and demands perfect compliance under penalty of death without providing sufficient grace. I don’t like hell, and I cannot find it honorable unless God must enforce it against the unfaithful in order to be just, honest, loving, faithful, and true. If hell is unnecessary as a sanction against freely chosen sin, then I cannot find it right to honor someone merely out of fear of hellfire and brimstone. What I must fear instead is a just and fair hellfire and brimstone. I must fear deserving that hellfire and brimstone and not fear going there on the demands of an unjust God. And I believe God is just.

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