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Last Days Big Brother

Packing Items at Home for Move

What do you do when your liberators suddenly become your captors?

For decades, we have changed channels to get a different perspective.  But instead, we heard the same perspective from different news anchors.  Often shockingly verbatim.

So, we got our news from people chatting on Twitter and Facebook.  And the news anchors echoed the same concern:  hearing “fake news” or other perspectives was a “grave threat to democracy”.

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media began censoring cutting off the flow of free speech at the source.  So, some created their own websites.

Prager University presented this near-Orwellian video on censorship in social media. Where Twitter, Facebook, and others once gave us hope, hostility toward Christians, Jews, and others have hurt it. 

What do you think?

Have a few multi-billionaire CEOs, the ACLU, and the political correctness crowd also taken over the courts, the universities, the high schools, and the media?


Will we live in a proverbial Egypt for 400 years, or will we make our exodus into a land of milk and honey?  Can we make that exodus if we do not educate ourselves to discern and know when we’re being controlled and when we’re free to think and choose for ourselves what we will believe?

The above button will open up another window to a video at Prager university.

An excellent article on the pros and cons of social media censorship can be found at ConnectUs


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