Family – God’s Chess Piece

Family Is God’s Chess Piece 

Did God use a family unit to fulfill His Salvation plan? God engineered the union between Joseph and Mary. Although, Jesus was not born as a result of their union, both Joseph and Mary raised Him as their own. He grew up under their care. Through it all, we learn how important a family unit is, led in God’s presence to fulfill the long-awaited prophecy.

Tonight’s message is to go ahead and take time to spend with the ones you love. Enjoy being silly and take time to laugh together. So, the best news is spending time together with one another is the best Christmas ever!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.  Not only for all that treasure family time, it’s also for Joseph and Mary. Both Joseph and Mary started their family when Jesus was born. Later they expanded further with Jesus’ brother.

God chose a family to begin the path of Salvation. It is an important part of this beautiful story. God uses families to change history. It reveals a simple truth about God’s perspective about relationships.

We know each other better when we spend time together. It is God’s intent that we get to know Him. If we want to spend time with the ones we love, that’s what God wants, a relationship with Him.

I’m reminded of this song tonight, entitled ‘Christmas is the time to love’. Have you heard of this song? This song talks about what’s most important during this festive season. It’s not about getting everything shopping done on time, rather, it’s about spending time together, enjoying each other and to love above all else.


Christmas Is The Time To Love.






Have an awesome night with your family. Let music fills the entire house. Our story is not over yet. See you.. stay tuned tomorrow.


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