Why We Use This Image As Our ICON?

Have you seen a picture and it spoke to you in a way you never thought it could? Today, DOTA is using this image as its official ICON. This picture was taken to honor those who had loss a child through a miscarriage. It’s a heart wrenching experience for any mother. But every mother agrees that a child who was lost would in return become her guardian angel. Honestly, I cannot tell for sure if it is the truth because it is not mentioned in the Bible that it is so. But, in my heart, I believe a child that was taken at a tender age would be safe in Heaven with God.

DOTA would be honored to use this image for its cause to uplift, inspire, encourage and bring comfort to those who are hurting, in grief, spiritually lost, those who simply needed a hand to move forward in life, through the Bible to point others to God.


This image shows exactly what Daughters Of The Almighty (DOTA) is all about.

DOTA exists to bless and as a result to bring honor to God. DOTA will not however, apologize for honoring God through our blogs. Daughters Of The Almighty exists because we are daughters of the Almighty God. We may be women, in the obscurity, we do have a voice that chooses to bring praise and honor to God. Thank you for choosing to visit our site.

If you have any questions about our site, feel free to contact us and send them to us. We will be happy to give you satisfactory answers to our best knowledge. Thank you for dropping by. May you be blessed and have an awesome week!



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