DOTA Update On Projects

DOTA Update On Projects

DOTA (Daughters Of The Almighty) welcomes those who are new and joining us on this ride for the first time. Here is an update on what’s happening.

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On the January of 2015, we started a theme for DOTA. We are focusing on ‘The Call Of God’ this year. As a result, a project was birth. We call it ‘Inspirational Project 2015’. This year we are inviting special guests to share about the call of God in their lives. These are precious testimonies from various great women of God ( at the least in my eyes) sharing their lives with you. The stories are real and personal and we hope to bring glory to God through them.  We hope you will be blessed through it all and it would be great if you would encourage our special guests with your uplifting thoughts and prayers for them.

For those of you who have a great candidate in mind and would like to interview her specially on DOTA. Please use this guideline to assist with your interview and send your interview to DOTA through our email (Simply select Inspirational Project 2015 and click  on Questions And Answers on the top menu of our website). Keeping in mind, we are looking for women in the obscurity which means ordinary women who are living to serve God and give their utmost for His Highest. In your circle of close friends, there are those who shine brightly for Christ. We love to hear about their life testimonies and feature them on DOTA. If you are excited about this, we would love to have you on board.

In February, we thought that many of you have great plans for your Spring/Summer projects this year. Why not send your story to DOTA and see if your project gets featured on our website this year? Go to our website and read more about it. We will select the best story out of the submitted entries as the winner and an exclusive prize will be awarded to the winner. Then DOTA will select 3 entries together with the winning entry to be featured on our website. We look forward to receiving your entries (by the deadline) and hope you have a great time planning this project. We hope you are as excited about this contest as we are, most importantly, have fun while doing it. More updates will be released later through the year. May the blessings of our Lord Jesus be upon you and have an awesome weekend.



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