Declare The Year Of Freedom

Our theme declares 2017 the year of freedom. Freedom brings new life for many.


To all our loyal readers, thank you for your support and allowing our presence to bring some fresh insight to you last year.

Meanwhile, we extend a warm welcome to our new readers to Daughters Of The Almighty (DOTA). Wishing you are on your way to a good start as you live out the first month of the new year 2017.

2016 was especially harsh due to the election year. However, let’s set aside what happened in the past and focus on what is good that is coming this new year. Our theme therefore declares the year of freedom in 2017.

Why? You may ask?

Well, it’s very simple. As it we mentioned earlier, last year was harsh. The pain and frustration kept us in bondage. Fear resulted in panic and irrational decisions..

We need healing and freedom more than ever. Who can set us free? That’s a good question.. In this first part of this year, we like to bring to your attention a special man. We focus on who He is and why He qualifies to set us free this year.

As many of us have new resolutions bringing new expectations into our new year, DOTA expects the beginning of a new life as we declare the year of freedom in 2017. We got excited when we received new revelations about what God is doing this new year.

 our hope is that you have much more to look forward to this new year because for some, it truly is the beginning of a new life.

Thank you for allowing DOTA be a part of your life journey. Hopefully, what we share with you this year will be meaningful, thought-provoking, life changing and a blessing for you in 2017.