Who is God that He is mindful of me?

Who is God? That He would be mindful of me? Today’s devotion reminds us how powerful and yet how good He is to us.

He protects, and at the same time, He orders His angels to guard us in all our ways. How amazing is that?

Who is He?

Who is God

Good morning to the first day of the Holy Week

Before I address you further, let me greet you with a welcome and hello as well as good morning! What a beautiful new day God gives us.

When we wake up this morning and we realize we are healthy and strong, we want to give thanks to God for that blessing.

How can we serve?

During uncertain time such as this, each new day is a blessing from God to spend with our families as well as an opportunity to learn of God’s goodness.

Therefore, let us treasure every opportunity to serve Him. However, to those who suffer from COVID 19 and do not know Jesus, what can we do for them?

For in stance, we can take this time to lift them up to our Heavenly Father. Let us begin by praying for healing. In addition to that, those who do not know Jesus, lets pray that Jesus will reveal to them in dreams and visions that they too will be saved.

As you know – Who is God?

Who is God
New Living Translation

Meanwhile, as you know we are officially into the first day of the Holy Week. God reminds us of His amazing goodness and how His love covers us all.

Who is God that commands His angels to guard our steps? According to this verse it says:

Who is God – Psalm 91:11

“For He will give His angels charge concerning you, To guard you in all your ways.”

New American Standard Bible

Isn’t it amazing, knowing God will do that for us? Similarly, what a comfort to remember that God cares enough to keep us protected.

In conclusion

In uncertain time like this, we hold on to God’s promises and know assuredly that He protects us from all harm if we trust in Him. Remember to pray for those who are not yet saved. Have a blessed day and stay safe!

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