Making America Great

Making America Great

The question that many ask on the election year: ‘How can we make America great again?’ The truth lies not on ‘how can we make America great?’ but ‘how is America made great?’ So, what is the difference? The word ‘can’ gives one an option to decide if he or she will come along with the venture which in fact is every citizens responsibility to hop on board, to make America a great nation.

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Why is America not a great nation? President Obama in the State of the Union address, insisted ‘America is a great nation no matter what anyone thinks otherwise.’ The truth is in these 7 years under the leadership of President Obama, how many times were America under the threat of ‘government shutdown’?

The failure of the collaboration between the right-wing and the left-wing proved the failure in the role of the commander-in-chief. Nobody talks of the broken system in the government since 2008. President Obama uses his executive power sparingly shows his inability to unite both the Democrats and the Republicans to offer workable solutions for the American citizens.

America reacts and responds to international crisis. A productive organization takes proactive stands. Are we? In what way? The Obama Administration did not do a good job in negotiating deals through these 7 years. For example, how good was the deal to negotiate the release of 7-8 Taliban terrorist leaders for 1 run away soldier that the government eventually brought him to trial? A drastic mistake on the part of the Obama Administration.

America in these 7 years did not dramatically cut our debts, in fact our debts increased further. How much did unemployment fall? How many families still struggling to survive on a miserable income? How is Obama care helping so far? How many of Obama care insurance companies are closing?

This article exists, not to destroy every effort that Obama administration put in. We saw some positive outcome as well. But, to end that America is great, we are nowhere near there. We are if we are honest enough, still working towards that direction.

How is America made great again? 

A bald eagle cannot soar with one strong wing. Whether the strong wing consists of all the Democrats or all the Republicans. One strong wing will not make a bald eagle fly. Both the left-wing and the right-wing have to work to make sure this great bald eagle fly again. Not only to fly but to soar above the storms.

Can we go pass being a Democrat or a Republican? We need to own this nation as ours. Whether it will become great or not, we have a hand to play.

So, who will we pick as our next President? What should our criterion be? Should we say any candidate who will be willing and able to bring both parties work on solutions that will bring our nation forward to greatness again. Not what should or could be.. No more empty promises please. Enough is enough!

Let’s own our responsibility and pick what’s best for our nation’s sake. Unite America unite!

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