Is Snow Storm Expected?

Is Snow Storm Expected?

February 25th – 27th 2011: Coldest snow storm in the Central Valley expected

Snow storm warnings are not uncommon during a winter in the Central Valley and the Foothills valley. What makes this winter different from the rest? We expect snow this weekend, we would experience one of the coldest weekend for the residents of the Central Valley and the Foothills valley. We can expect the temperature to drop from the upper 30s ‘F to the mid 20s ‘F (degree Fahrenheit). With the snow continue to fall on the Sierra mountains down to the predicted 1000 ft level through the night into the early morning, will we see snow or even snow showers in the early morning tomorrow at the Valley floor?

A Sense Of Anticipation All Through California


This weekend is rather special for many living in California. News of possible snow hitting  Down Town of  San Francisco for the very first time after 35 years, was hitting the roof all through the week, bringing a huge anticipation of a unique experience for many residents living there. Many are hoping to see snow falling tomorrow morning in the area. Can it be just a dream or a possible reality for them?

What about residents living in the Bay Area? As well as residents living in the South of California? For many children, it would be their very first experience with snow and even so for some adults. Many wait in anticipation for something most unthinkable to become a reality all through the night, just like the little ones waiting with great expectation for Christmas, the night before. Can we see a miracle happens before our eyes in the morning? We wait with expectation.. But one thing for sure, this weekend could turn out as one of the most unforgettable weekend for many residents living in California.

My hope and prayers would be aligned with many, for a miracle and an unexpected outcome, dream comes true indeed for multitude. Truly an unforgettable weekend for everyone!

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Well it turns out as a bright and sunny day in Fresno on the 26th February 2011. Even though it did not snow this morning, the sun brings cheer to me today. Whether it is snowing or bright and sunny Californians, I will still give thanks to God because it is a beautiful new day and much to look forward to. By the way, enjoy the great sun and have an awesome day anyway!

God bless,


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