Story – Call Of True Love

Story Of The Call To True Love

]Recently my sister-in-law posted this awesome story on Facebook. After reading it, I decided to translate it into English so many more can read and appreciate this story.



Story Of The Call To True Love

A cruise ship met a deadly disaster on the ocean and was sinking. A couple struggled to get close to the rescue boat, when their turn finally arrived, they faced a dilemma, only one seat left. The man went before his wife and jumped on board the rescue boat to save himself. Now, the woman who was left on the sinking cruise ship, shout to the man..

At this junction, the teacher asked her students: “What do you think this woman would say to the man?” The students filled with passion, all said: “I hate you and I misjudge you!!”

The teacher turned and noticed a student who was silent throughout this discussion, approached and asked him what his thought on this. The student replied: “Teacher, I feel this woman would shout: “Take care of our child!” Teacher got surprised and asked if he knew the story..? This student shook the head and said: “No! But when my mother was sick and dying, that was what she said to my father.” Teacher emotionally replied: “That’s correct answer!”

Teacher went on to relate that the cruise ship indeed sank eventually and the man returned to his village to raise his daughter all by himself. Many years later, the man passed away. The daughter was packing up her father’s belongings when she noticed his diary.

Indeed, when his parents were on board the cruise ship, her mother was at the last stage of cancer. At that critical moment, for survival sake, her father jumped in the rescue boat. Later in his diary, she discovered the truth. In the diary, he wrote: “How I wish to stay with you to the bottom of the ocean. But, I cannot because of our daughter. I have to let you go.. sleep in the deep ocean.”

When the story concluded, the classroom was silent. No one spoke a word.. Somehow, teacher knew that her students understood the story and had learned some important lessons that day. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the good and evil just by looking at the surface of the situation. One has to dig further to unearth the truth.

The Call Of True Love, What Would You Do?

When I read this story, I knew exactly how the woman felt when she shout: “Take care of our child!” I knew under the same circumstance, I would do likewise. A mother’s heart is constantly weighing down by the welfare of her children. I believe the father’s heart is likewise. I never understood this truth clearly, until I became a step-mother to Michelle in 2007 and a mom to David in 2012. So, my question to you today is :”What would you do?”


Upon reflection, I recalled the love of God. Have you heard of John 3:16

The Bible says:

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This verse written was from the heart of a father, except that in this case God is the Father. The call of true love is therefore love that is sacrificial and self-denying just like the man and woman mentioned in the story above.  They never put themselves first, rather, the welfare of their daughter comes ahead of their needs. Jesus answered that call to love and to serve as a man, yet never lose sight of God and His calling. Have you received that gift of love found in Jesus and Jesus alone? In your journey this year, to unearth more truth,  I hope you will find abundant joy in knowing Jesus and be known by Him. May you have an awesome week, seeking the truth.

Blessings from ours to yours,



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