Andrew Chan’s Story

Andrew Chan’s Story

Have you read about Bali Nine death row prisoner Andrew Chan who is waiting for execution anytime from now in Bali? According to the Indonesian Law, drug traffickers face death sentence without pardon.

The Catch here is many of the Australians are pleading for his life. What is so special about Andrew that he should deserve a second chance while others never had that opportunity? So now.. are you stirred to know more?

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Should A Second Chance Be Given?

The reason I wrote this article was to bring a comparison between Andrew’s and God’s story. ‘What do you mean’, you asked? Well, here is a story about a criminal who is about to face his judgement, DEATH by law. Should he be pardoned from his death sentence?

Why should he be given a second chance to LIVE? If you read his story, you would know in the 9 years in prison, he became a Christian and his life changed as a result of the Holy Spirit working in him. He was recently ordained as a minister in prison, while serving his time in prison. He led many to the Lord. So is that a good reason to pardon him from his death sentence? What do you think?


Andrew Chan’s Story: Do We Deserve A Second Chance To Life?

Honestly, do we deserve a second chance to LIFE? According to the Law we deserve DEATH sentence.

Romans 3:23 – ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’  

 Romans 6:23a – ‘For the wages of sin is death,’

You may not believe in the Bible, yet that does not make the statements untrue simply because you do not believe. Now Andrew may not believe his execution is near because he had violated the Bali Law. The truth is whether he personally believe the law or not, he is facing a near death situation.

Do you know God’s story?

Did you know what He chose? He chose to give LIFE. YES, not pardon but gave LIFE. Do you know He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the Cross to pardon our sins? Do you know what that means? HE sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, to save our lives from DEATH. According to Romans 5:8,

‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

Does Andrew a criminal deserve LIFE or DEATH? I would like to turn this question around and ask you: “Do you deserve LIFE or DEATH? In God’s story, it is not about whether we deserve to live or die.

The key word is DESPITE what we deserve, out of His love, He chose to GIVE LIFE. Now, if God chose to give us life, who are we to decide if Andrew deserves his death sentence? Let us instead pray for the Will of God be done in Andrew’s life. Today, during service, my Pastor gave these words and it says;

ONLY IN HIS LOVE can you find peace. ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find love. ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find strength. May I add this, ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find SALVATION.

In conclusion

I plead with you to seriously consider changing your perspective on where you stand. Would you choose to embrace the LIFE that Jesus gave you when He took your sins upon Himself on that Cross to save you? Or would you turn a deaf ear to His WORD today?



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