Justice and deception cannot rein as one

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Justice and deceit do not mix

Justice by definition according to Dictionary.com is the quality of being just; righteousness and or just conduct. Whereas, deceit is purposeful falsehood. Being just runs contrary to deception.

For example, ‘In God we trust‘, says it all. If America strongly believe to this day that ‘In God we trust’ is how we are going to run our nation, then there is no room for deception in our system. Why? In God there is no deception.

In God we trust

As a nation we need to crack down on acts of deceit. Let us begin where justice requires. If American people are going to trust our governmental system ever again, then our government has to prove that our system is just without deceit.

Let Justice prevail

Where do we begin?

That is a good question! We have to begin where the ‘untouchable’ are no longer untouchable. Then, our government prove us, the American people, that there are no one truly above the law.

When the criminals found guilty of crimes are indicted. Regardless of what status or high ranking, individuals work for the government.

When none gets away by deceit

America can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to corruption. If we are indeed standing together with justice, we can no longer allow individuals to deceive and get away with it.

For indeed if in God we trust, and God is just, we will pursue truth. Above all, it is only by bathing in truth that America will dwell in freedom. Without seeking the truth, we will never be set free.

In conclusion

Let justice prevail. The only path to a just system is to eliminate corruption and leave to room for deception. Any other path will lead us nowhere. Finally, only truth will set you free.

Justice and deception cannot therefore rein as one.

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