United we stand on coronavirus

United as one –A CALL to all politicians

This is a call to all politicians to stand united as one to fight corona-virus. In order to contain this critical situation, United States of America, needs to come together and get through this crisis.

The reason is very simple. American people needs you to get us through this current unexpected global crisis.

We can get through this America together.

A warning to those who create divides

Two words to those who create divides; ‘stop it’! This is not about winning for either party, Democrats or Republicans. This is about the lives of all American people. The best win is when all American people get through this crisis and are healthy and doing well.

As a nation, we need to come together as one and know that we can get through any situation together. For example, if you get sick and infected with corona-virus, you need all the professionals, the doctors and nurses and healthcare workers to get you back to good health.

This is not a political fight to pick on. On the other hand, this is taking care of people regardless of what political party they are.

We can contain and get through this crisis together

Let’s follow the experts on fighting corona-virus and work closely together to overcome this health scare. One good advice to take on, DO NOT PANIC!

Then breathe deep and think. Meanwhile you can start by asking: ‘How do I prepare for this’? At the same time, ask: ‘How to take precaution’? As well as: ‘What do I need to look out for’? and ‘How do I need to keep my family safe’?

If I have an elderly and or a young child, what do I do to ensure they will be alright? The best approach is to learn to seek as much information as you can about it.

The more you know, the better equip you are. If possible stay away from crowds.

United as one so we can get through this together

We cannot get through any crisis if we have no leadership to lead us out of this. Politicians, you owe all American people a chance to trust you, with their lives, that as united, we can ride through this wave together.

Members of a community welcoming a new member.

Do not try but make it happen. Yes, we can do this America together. Together we can get through this!

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